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Hi there!

You have found the right place to:

  • discuss with other motion data enthusiasts
  • provide feedback directly to the core team developing moveshelf.com
  • request features
  • post bugs or problems relating to moveshelf.com
  • get help with motion data files, the moveshelf API
  • share fun stories about your motion capture session or your coolest capture

Places to start:

  • FAQ section: which file formats does Moveshelf support?
  • When and how can you invite others to join the Moveshelf community?
  • I want to beta test the Moveshelf API - how do I get an API key?
  • How do I post embedded motion data on this forum?

MOVESHELF - Your digital motion library, the easy way to view, organize, search and share 3D motion data online, in 3D.

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