Supported Web Browsers (and account verification error)

Moveshelf works directly in your browser, no installation or plugins are required. We support and actively test Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari on all available platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android). This will optimize your experience and the Moveshelf interface will work best. Internet Explorer is not supported and cannot be used. Working in Microsoft Edge on both Mac and Windows is possible, but not actively tested by our team and is not one of our officially supported platforms.

If your computer is set on a different internet browser by default, we recommend to change your default to one of the supported browsers. In some institutions, you might need to ask the IT department to do this for you if you don’t have admin rights on your computer. To change the default internet browser in Windows, please follow the next steps:

  1. Optional: download your preferred browser (Google Chrome, Firefox)
  2. Go your computer Start Menu and search for ‘Default apps’
  3. Scroll down in the pop up until you reach Web Browser
  4. Click on your current web browser and select your preferred browser to set this as the new default.

If Internet Explorer is your default browser it is possible that you have an error bar on the top of your Moveshelf window saying ‘Your account is not yet verified. Look for the verification email in your inbox and click the link in that email’. To verify your account while using Internet Explorer you can request a new verification email and instead of clicking the link in the email, copy this link and open it manually in one of the supported browsers. Your account is now verified.