Supported file formats - BVH, FBX, C3D, TRC, glTF

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Currently Moveshelf supports the major formats for 3D motion capture data:

  • FBX
  • BVH
  • C3D
  • TRC
  • glTF
  • GLB (binary glTF)

For FBX files the animation data is supported for 3D/VR viewing on Moveshelf, and you can also load the mesh of a character (this is work in progress). The original file content is always preserved if you download it again.

We support glTF, both animations, bones and meshes - binary packaged glTF files (.GLB). glTF is “the JPG of 3D assets” on the web.

We are in the progress of testing the various versions of FBX, BVH, TRC and C3D file formats that is used by different 3D software packages and motion capture system vendors.

So far we have done testing with the following motion capture system vendors:
(in alphabetical order)

  • Noitom
  • Noraxon Motion Capture
  • Motion Analysis
  • Optitrack
  • Rokoko
  • VICON (Shogun, Blade, Nexus)
  • Qualisys
  • Xsens

Please let us know right here if you are having any issues with uploading any files. We will be happy to have a deep dive look to extend support.

If you want us to support any other file formats, please let us know here as well! (Collada anyone?)

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+VICON Blade +VICON Nexus tested from users

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+Noraxon Motion Capture

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hi Ignazio,

yes, i have checked the C3D file which is exported of VICON Nexus. just one question, i could not to see the bones in the C3D trial. how can i show the bones in a trial ? which files are required in this regards?

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Hi @n_tarin,

thanks for reaching out! Do you refer do this type of visualization ?

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salam(hi in persian) ignazio,

thanks for your prompt reply,

yes same as shared link(with skeleton) and even if it is possible like this one ( or ( to shown bones

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salam again,
also i would like to know how can i add a video file to the 3D file?

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Salam @n_tarin,

to add a video:

  • expand ‘media tracks’ (it is available on the clip url, if you have the rights to edit the specific clip)
  • drag and drop or select the video with the file picker
  • wait for upload to complete

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Thanks for the additional info, full bones visualization is currently not supported for C3D.
Segments visualization (like is only supported for defined marker sets (a MotionAnalysis marker set is used in the example).
Can you share some additional information about the markers set you are using? (perhaps also a test file?)

Marker sets and segments visualization
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at the moment would be good to show the segments visualization/skeleton. I am using Shogun/Nexus/… of VICON Software. we have some specifics marker-model in Nexus such as (Plug-in Gait full body(39 Markers) | Plug-in Gait Lower Body (16 Markers) | Plug-in Gait Full Body Functional (43 Markers) | Plug-in Gait Lower Body Functional (20 Markers) ) and these are public among all VICON users around all the world. also, we are able to define our marker template in the nexus.
the shared C3D file has some additional markers more than Plug-in Gait Full Body Functional but would be good if the C3D files in your app shown us this type of public model-markers and if someone added more markers could be shown just markers(Trajectory).
also when your andoid app will be released ?

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Salam @n_tarin,

Thanks for the additional information about the markers sets/models in use from you. It is extremely useful and I am moving the conversation to a dedicated thread to followup and add details.
We do support Android natively on Chrome (VR included), we always test on latest stable releases (currently v68). Did you experience difficulties?
We also support the Android PWA pattern for best mobile experience. Please have a look at this post:

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(n_tarin) #13

Salam Ignazio,

“We do support Android natively on Chrome (VR included), we always test on latest stable releases (currently v68). Did you experience difficulties?”

yes, i have not any experiences in this regard. if you could, please explain a little about using Android app on Chrome or … .

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Perfect guys.

it will be good news for vicon’s users around the world.

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Did you try to follow these instructions?

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Dear Slycke,
Not so far. Now i am using the app in Android.