Support for VR - Google Daydream and Steam VR added!

We just launched support for basic VR viewing!

At this moment VR works on mobile with Google (Android) Daydream and on PC with Steam VR (HTC Vive).

For supported Android device check this list of supported devices

To enter VR just navigate to your favourite clip on Moveshelf and then click on the gear icon in the upper left corner!

If you don’t see the gear icon appear, most likely your device is not supported yet :frowning:

You can change your viewing position with the Daydream controller (awesome orientation tracking! :slight_smile: ) and clicking on the trackpad, just try it out. You can also change the playback speed, pause the playback, even reverse the playback, by swiping and holding on the trackpad. It awesome!

For Steam VR we have tested with HTC Vive on Windows 10. You have to use a browser that supports WebVR . We use Firefox!

If you already have Steam VR setup just open Firefox, navigate to your favorite motion data clip on Moveshelf and click the gear icon highlighted above!

Please note that while the Vive controllers are supported and have the same features as described above for Daydream it doesn’t work really smooth at the moment! Bear with us.

The support for VR is under development right now! There will be some bugs… Let us know what you think and what else you would like to see supported and improved, and why!

Enjoy! It is really quite powerful to see your 3D data up close and personal!

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