Specify starting position for camera in "edit" mode

(richardroberts) #1

It would be awesome, for me at least, if we could specify a starting position and orientation for the camera. This could work by the user positioning the camera in the 3D scene, in the edit mode, and then pressing a button to “set” this as the default. This button could be next to the “update screenshot” button.

Hopefully it’s helpful for someone else too!

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(per) #2

This is a GREAT suggestion. A simple version of this feature is not far off.
Before we make this available it would be great to get some input on the expected behavior, in particular in relation to the “follow cam” feature.

I have created an issue on GitHub to track this feature request:https://github.com/moveshelf/moveshelf/issues/4

(richardroberts) #3

Great, I’m really excited to hear that you will try for this. I posted a few thoughts on the GitHub issue. Looking forward to seeing how it goes!

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