Search filter to search by license

(richardroberts) #1

I’m hoping to search Moveshelf for all motions with a CC license. Is this already possible?

I imagine that the feature would be a filter that can be applied to the search menu in the “Explore” mode.

As for my use case: I want to be able to take motions from Moveshelf and use for testing and later for presenting research examples (both at conferences and online). To the end, I need to be careful that I don’t accidentally use an example with a restricted license. I think this feature, along with other search filters, would be useful for any other people looking to use Moveshelf for academic and commercial purposes.

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(Ignazio) #2

@richardroberts Great input, thanks! This is certainly useful and today not directly possible. Stay tuned :slight_smile: . Ignazio

(richardroberts) #3

Great, thanks @ignazio! I’ll stay tuned.

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(Ignazio) #4

[quick update]
How about something like this ?
Try clicking on a license pill in “Explore” to search for motion clips with the same terms.
(we plan to iterate on this design to improve the UI but hopefully this can get you started)

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(richardroberts) #5

Yeah, this works great, that’s exactly what I need. No need to change the design, I like it.

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