Private link sharing - want to share mocap data but only with someone you trust?

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Want to share something, but only with someone you trust?

If you are like most people, you value your privacy. And this goes for your motion data as well, especially if it is related to a confidential project you are working on. But, even in those cases it may be beneficial to be able to share specific motion data clips with someone you trust. This person does not have to be a registered user on Moveshelf.

For this scenario we have developed Private Link sharing. Navigate to a private clip and press “Share”.


You can easily see which clips are private, they will have the little padlock in the meta data (red arrow). If you have enabled Private Link sharing you will also easily see it in the meta data, symbolized with the share icon (blue arrow).


Now, just go ahead and copy the Private Link and share it any way you like, or press the “Send email” button to start up your email app to send an email with the link.

NOTE: anybody with the link will be able to view the data, and download it if you have enabled downloading of your data. So, only share with people you trust to not forward the link to anybody you don’t want to see the data. It is also good practice to occasionally review which files you have shared privately and disable sharing if it is no longer needed.