Moveshelf as a home for research examples?

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Hi everyone,

I can Moveshelf is still in its early days, so I’m not sure exactly what direction the creators and current users are headed in. As such, I’d like to have a discussion on whether Moveshelf would welcome research content.

To provide some context, I’m developed tooling around editing techniques for mocap (currently just Maya plugins, but I plan to continue the effort to MotionBuilder and Blender, and eventually more). I’m also doing my best to present the algorithms behind this tooling to the research world, but one struggle I face is that there little in the way of publicly and freely available examples of mocap before and after editing. Having such examples is useful for demonstrating how effective a particular tool is.

To address the above, I’ve recently hired a motion editor to produce a small set of these examples (they start with a mocap animation and stylize it through editing). Together, these examples will enable me to produce a before-and-after style of comparison to support the research described above.

With that context in mind, would these examples be welcomed as content on Moveshelf? I would hope that they would be useful for other researchers doing similar work, and also to the community in general.

Let me know any thoughts you might have on (1) whether this is appropriate for Moveshelf and (2) if there’s some way I can present the before-and-after effectively.

Thanks for your time reading!

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for showing your interest to the community!

I am co-founder of Movehself and I can say that one of our key goals is to facilitate users interaction and examples exchange (both single files and datasets) to support and hopefully boost 3D animation research and its community, in general.

To keep my post short and on topic, here you are my answers:

  1. Yes, research content is welcome (make sure you set your clips license as it best fits your case)
  2. Not yet however this is something we have been looking at. Please help us with details on this issue (created so that anyone that shares the same need can participate)

I love your initiative and I would like to better understand your needs.

One more thing … if you haven’t already, take a look at our API and Unity example, you may find inspiration to programatically access data from Maya :slight_smile:


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Hi Ignazio,

First off, thanks for your positive response. It’s great to hear that Moveshelf is interested in supporting the exchange of examples for the research community.

Please help us with details on this issue

Great, thanks for setting that up. Nice initial ideas, I’ve added some further details to the issue.

I’ll take a look at the API today and try some testing with it next week. If I find anything useful to add to the API, do you have any recommendations for submitting contributions? Would a pull request via Github be useful?

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Hi Richard,
thanks for providing extra details on GitHub. We’ll follow up there on your inputs.
About Moveshelf API:

  • absolutely, feel free to contribute to the open Unity example and create issues / PR as you necessity
  • also, feel free to reuse code snippets and design principles to implement a Maya integration (we would love it and we might contribute, if the community needs it!) (note: there is also a python example that can be useful)


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