Marker sets and segments visualization

(Ignazio) #1

Similarly to what available on (for a MotionAnalysis marker set), it has been pointed out from @n_tarin that it would beneficial to support standard marker sets with segments visualization. Initial list of widely adopted sets includes:
(VICON Nexus)

  • Plug-in Gait full body(39 Markers)
  • Plug-in Gait Lower Body (16 Markers)
  • Plug-in Gait Full Body Functional (43 Markers)
  • Plug-in Gait Lower Body Functional (20 Markers)

Optitrack Motive:

  • Full Body Biomechanics (39 Markers)
  • Full Body baselines (37, 47 and 51 and 54 markers)

Summary from:

(Ignazio) #2

Full Body and Lower Body marker sets from Plugin Gait are now recognized and optical segments display can be enabled using clip’s options as below:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! @n_tarin

(n_tarin) #3

Salam Ignazio,

First, I am so sorry of my delayed reply. I was really busy in these days.
Thank you for your following up and adding the these type of marker set in your app and platform. i will check it in our captured trials and will come back to you with my feedback.

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(Ignazio) #4

Salam @n_tarin,

Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback!
Please get in touch in case of difficulties.


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(plucareli) #5


Really cool! Congrats!


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