How to upload reference video(s)

Reference video can be easily uploaded on any clip (trial) for which you have edit rights.
To do so, follow these steps (in pictures see below):

  1. Go to the Project page where your clip is stored on Moveshelf (make sure you are logged in and have edit rights to this clip) and
  2. Expand the ‘Update Clip(s)’ pane by clicking on the blue << in the top right of the window
  3. Now you can select the clip for which you want to add the reference video. Select this clip by clicking the gray space of the clip, or the grey button in front of the clip name.
  4. Drop down the ´Additional data´ area and drag and drop or click to browse to add the video file.

Note that you wait until uploading is done. You can navigate to a different page or trial when the loading bar switches from green to orange. The video becomes immediately available as soon as the loading bar disappears.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Note to wait for the loading bar to turn orange:

Is your video file out of sync with your 3D motion capture file? See the FAQ on how to synchronize your reference video.