Getting an API Key

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As an alpha tester of Moveshelf you can easily obtain an API Key to access the GraphQL API of Moveshelf directly.

Go to your Profile page (this won’t work on a mobile phone) and find the API Keys section:


Enter the name of the application you want to use the key for, in this case “Maya” and the press “Generate API Key” and follow the instructions. You can copy the key to your clipboard and download a JSON file with the key for safe keeping.

PLEASE NOTE: we will not be able to generate this key again, or to show it to you again. It is only YOUR key. Keep it safe.

You can also use this view to manage your API Keys by revoking those that you do not need anymore.

Check out this project on Github for an example of how to use the Moveshelf API to directly access data on Moveshelf and to manipulate data on Moveshelf through the API.

Have fun!

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