Configurable iFrames

(richardroberts) #1

Hi again,

It might be useful to offer a range of options for the iFrame. For example:

  • play automatically (rather than when clicked),
  • stay “paused” until all tracks are loaded,
  • hide controls by default

No pressure here, just thought I’d suggest it because it seems like it may be useful eventually :slight_smile:

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(Ignazio) #2

@richardroberts thanks for the feedback.
Initial support for autoload/autoplay has been rolled out without real UI to enable it…
Please try adding “autoplay=true” query param to the iframe URL. The resulting snippet should start with something like :
iframe src="

Here you are an example:

Also noted about the loading experience improvements, especially for multiple animations (we agree :slight_smile: ).

(richardroberts) #3

Perfect, thanks for such a fast turn around on this @ignazio! Using the autoplay parameter is nice since that mirrors what YouTube, etc does.

I don’t think the performance is bad. Based on my testing, FBX files contain around 1.5 megabytes for 100 frames of animation (per character). So, for example, an animation of 400 frames with three characters would be 18 megabytes - taking a few seconds to load this is no problem. I think that displaying a simple loading animation (like the spinning wheel) until the multi-animation is loaded is perfectly fine!

As for any optimization, I’m not sure that anything simple is possible. You could try compressing the motion (PCA seems like a popular choice) and that might help. Python’s SciPy has this built-in. I can put together an example if it’s helpful :slight_smile:

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